1- Login

First, log in to your account using the sign in button on the menu with your email address or Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn account.

2- Profile

Click on the ‘Profile’ button on the menu in the top right-hand corner to access your account overview with your information.

3- Subscription

Click on the ‘Subscription’ link on the left-hand menu to access to your subscription details.

4- Unsubscribe here

Below the table showing the different ResumeCoach subscription plans, there is the option to unsubscribe. Click on the button to do so.

5- Cancel Subscription

This will take you to the cancel subscription page that reminds you to download your current resumes before unsubscribing. Here you can either click on ‘Yes, I want to unsubscribe’ to cancel or return to your resumes.

6- Confirm Unsubscribe

Finally, to confirm and unsubscribe from the ResumeCoach services, click ‘Unsubscribe’ when asked.

Thank you for using ResumeCoach, we’re sorry to see you go but we’ll be here if you need to update your winning resume in the future!